Lake Como Elopement Bellagio

A Bellagio Elopement

Last year we drove to Bellagio for an elopement at Lake Como for a lovely Italian-German couple.

As you might probably know from the movie “The Hangover, in Las Vegas there is a beautiful casino named on this marvellous little town placed in the district of Como.

As a destination wedding photographer who specializes in weddings and elopements, we think that Lake Como is one of the idyllic places to get married or to elope in the lake district. This Italian Lake is picturesque, romantic, and has a quiet and mystical atmosphere.

Why elope at Lake Como

Lake Como is in Northern Italy, close to Milano. It borders with Switzerland, so the views around the Lake are breathtakingly beautiful. You can either drive to Lake Como from Milano or else take a train and is relatively easy to get to. Once you get to the Lake, you either can take the various boats or drive. We like to go around with the boats or water taxis.

Lake Como has a lot of elegance, and each Village is unique with many Villas, and the hospitality is so good.

Jennifer and Gerrit had a lovely elopement in Bellagio. They stayed at Hotel Belvedere and rented a room which had a spectacular view of the Lake.

They had their ceremony at the town hall of Bellagio and we took some very nice pictures walking around in Bellagio itself.

Are you eloping at Lake Como?

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