Couple Shoot Lake Maggiore

A couple shoot at Lake Maggiore with 2 friends.

On a Sunday afternoon we went out for a stroll in our hometown we so call ‘little California’. Nice sunny weather and embraced by a soft and chilly air.

To reach the place it’s challenging because it’s on top of a hill. Nothing very difficult to do… but still you have to make your legs doing a bit of an excercise. It is called Cadregun o Cadregon (in local dialect).

We reached the place in a short while. Eventually it was easy. There we met a very nice couple by coincidence. Well I never say in life things are by coincidence…They were planning to go to another place to hang out and chill but eventually decided to go to this place.

We asked them to take some shots and they were up for it! The result is a nice serie of photos during sunset at Lake Maggiore. Patrick and Micol are so young and sweet persons. As they are good friends it is reflecting in the pictures how happy they are. See for yourself and enjoy this couple shoot at Lake Maggiore with 2 friends.

This location is also a perfect decor for an elopement or wedding shoot. So, if you are getting married in Italy, Lake Maggiore we would be more then happy to do a portrait session at this location too! In fact, this is only one of the hidden gems, but we know many more beautiful and stunning locations for a photo session at Lake Maggiore.

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