5 tips to get the best getting ready photos

We love to document this part of the day! When the bride and groom are getting ready together with their closest family and friends. With lovely details we always aim to document your story with a personal touch. Would you like to get the best out of your getting ready pictures? Here are 5 tips for your getting ready photos.


When it comes to photography, light is so important. In our photography we always shoot with natural light. It’s softer, more even, and more flattering than the light from lamps and light fixtures. When you are choosing where to get ready for your wedding, consider the light in the space. A room with large windows, lightly colored walls, and plenty of natural light will make your photos so beautiful. If it is not possible to get ready in a space with natural light, perhaps there is a private outdoor area where we can go to put on your veil, shoes, and jewelry for the final touch.

Pick the location

Whether you are getting ready at your home or at the wedding venue, think of a room with lots of windows and light. It should be the best fit for you so maybe think about it beforehand: what you would like to be on the photos. Think of colors, light and styling of the room.

Keep the room tidy

Wedding day preparation can get hectic and with everyone and things can pile up real quick. Before getting ready photos begin, have your family and friends help clean out the room where you are going to be changing. This includes drinks, food, clothes, bags or anything that will be a distracting in the background. After doing this you’ll have timeless images to look back on with your loved ones.


Let someone help you prepare the details. When we shoot getting ready photos we usually start with the details. Some details that can be gathered are: the wedding dress, bridal shoes, jewelry, perfume, wedding invitation, the rings, bouquet and any other personal items you would like to be on the photos.


Most of all, enjoy and have FUN! Enjoy the present moment as you have planned so much time ahead for this big day. Somethings will go wrong, don’t stress about it, no-one will even notice it. Have some bubbles and music and it will be awesome!