Getting married in Italy

Italy is one of the most enchanting destinations for a wedding abroad. We capture weddings in whole Italy, from the northern Italian Lakes to the beautiful Puglia countryside passing through Tuscany, Umbria and Basilicata. Too many marvelous places. There are so many good reasons to choose Italy as your destination wedding location. Think of it’s history, ancient buildings and amazing landscapes will surround your wedding. A breath of culture and local traditions. Every Italian region inherits its own historical charm.

Your wedding theme could match the region colors you can select according to the season – bright and sunny or pale and delicate: the design of your Wedding day will be unique and will reflect your personality.

Dream wedding destination Italy

Italy varies from a lot of beautiful settings, from the mountains to the sea, countryside and plains. These are all very nice settings to capture your wedding. The Italians are also very friendly and known for their warm hospitality. Another good reason and not less important: the food and wine! It could be reason number one 🙂 Food in Italy is always delicious, authentic. Basic and genuine ingredients are the secret behind “la buona cucina italiana”.

After the wedding you could plan your honeymoon in Italy too. Each part of our country is very different and without traveling too far you can go from the Mountains to the Sea, visit ancient cities or small rustic towns – there is such a wide choice that our recommendation is to take advantage of this opportunity and plan your Honeymoon in Italy.

Italians are incredibly romantic! Let’s celebrate love in the country of LA DOLCE VITA.

Wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy

Wedding in Italy

Tuscany Wedding reception

Rustic wedding in Tuscany

Wedding table setting in Tuscany

Wedding reception in Tuscany

Center of matter wedding location

Getting married in Italy

Photoshoot of wedding in Tuscany

Wedding diner in Tuscany

Are you planning to get married in Tuscany, Puglia, Umbria or anywhere else in Italy? Send us a message and we are more then happy to answer all your enquiries.