Many of you have not ever stood in front of a camera. I got you, it can be quite uncomfortable. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and to have fun. We love to document you, just as you are. No necessarily need for epic mountain sceneries. Of course it's nice, but capturing emotions is so much more important to us to have wonderful pictures.

It's all about feeling comfortable and relaxed

wedding photographer Italy

our couples are chill and go with the flow kind of people

Walking barefoot, your dress could get a little dirty.. The wind might ruffle your hair. You can think of these things as a failure or laugh about it afterwards and have good memories of it. As well as authentic and spontaneous pictures. A good picture doesn't need to be perfect!




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In order to be able to make beautiful images for you to us it is very important to have a click. Like we hang out in real life, 'cause at the end we are going to be very close at your wedding day. So let's have a glass of wine if we live in the same town, if not we can have a Facetime call and chat all about the stuff you like and your big day!

Now get yourself cake, bubbles and confetti, because we’re officially all yours for your wedding day! :)

Let's create some magic together!

We will be in touch again asbout 6 weeks before the wedding to discuss all the latest details. In the meantime if you have questions we'll be in touch to help you if needed during your wedding planning with tips.

We receive a lot of inquiries, and to keep track of these ‘maybe’-dates would be a great hassle, and hold us back from taking pictures :) Therefore, we can not block days in our agenda, unless the booking is definite.

Let us know as soon as possible that you want us to be your wedding photographers, so we can secure our presence on your wedding day!

We'll send an agreement to be signed and a retainer to be paid (25% of the total amount for weddings).

our Philosophy

authentic, timeless, anti-posing, spontaneous, nothing ordinary.

it's not weird to be weird - john lennon

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Destination Wedding In Italy

Where to start! You are probably here because you are planning your dream wedding in Italy. Italy is so various when it comes to landscapes, culture and art.

Italy is one of the most enchanting wedding locations for a wedding abroad. Together with my husband, we photograph weddings throughout Italy. From Lago Maggiore or Lake Como, through Tuscany, Umbria to the very south in Puglia or Sicily.

Every part of Italy is very varied. Without traveling too far you can go from the mountains to the sea, visit old towns or small rustic towns. There is such a wide choice that our recommendation is to take advantage of this opportunity. It can be great if you can plan your honeymoon in Italy too! We've created a page specially dedicated to give you tips and guidance during your wedding planning in Italy.

coming soon

Where are you based?


Do you travel?

We are based in the North of Italy together with our cat Ozzy and dogs Billie & Ringo, living in an old house of my husbands grandfather. The house is about 100 years old looking over Lake Maggiore.

Yes! We travel a lot across Europe but also around the world. We love to travel along with our couples for destination weddings or other special events. We already followed our couples to Iceland, Spain, South Africa, The Netherlands, France. We would like to add many more destinations to our list.

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''You have captured the special moments of our marriage in Italy in a fantastically beautiful way. Through your photos the valuable and inerasable memories remain tangible.''

Let's grab some wine if we live in the same town or have a call!

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