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        Wedding photographer

        - John Lennon

        How we got into this

        We are Maaike & Damiano. We have known each other for over 25 years and got married 5 years ago.
        We love to spend time together during our work and travels. Explore the world and different cultures, and meeting new souls.

        I’ve always been passionate by photography, telling stories through images. Some years ago I dived into. the deep and switched my job as a professional photographer. Me and my husband are always working together at weddings and we have a lot of fun! We feel really grateful to be able to do what we love so much!



        Wedding photographer

        What We Do
        While not Shooting

        We are spending our days with movies, art and Music. Damiano writes music and plays in a band.

        We also love to cook together and drink a good glass of wine. It is a real privilage to live in Italy for that :-) Cooking authentic Italian food, togehter with friends and a hot summer evening we love the most. In fact, we’d be happy to share some good Italian recipes!

        If you’re looking for us on a beautiful summer evening you’ll most likely find us at the lake. Making music together with friends, have a swim and relax.